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FAST FORWARD TO 1 MINUTE 7 SECONDS. The notoriously haunted Coon Hill Cemetery. It was too dark to see anything on my camera. Getting there was creepy but what we heard was creepier. The second we all stepped into the cemetery and closed the gate, a crowd of “people” started howling with laughter for about 10 seconds. We only caught the beggining of their rise which, after the camera suddenly turned off, led to a cackling laughter.These couldn’t be normal people because they couldn’t sound so clear from far away and they couldn’t be animals because they were human laughs. Not to mention there wasn’t a person in sight (we were 3 miles into the woods). My camera batteries, that were full, died before they started truely laghing, and everyones phones had died during the incident. We all believe 100% we heard ghosts.

Author: TheRealityKing12

Duration: 73

Published: 2009-08-19 02:45:33

Coon Hill Cemetery

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